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Step by step towards the geothermal power plant

For a geothermal power plant to begin to be operated, there are several indispensable preliminary work phases.

Step 1: Mining rights
Under the ground of the Bavarian Molasse Basin, at around 4000 metres depth, is the water-bearing Malm layer. With this hot water, it is possible to gain electricity. In order to be able to use this resource, firstly the mining rights must be gained from the Mining Authority of South Bavaria (Bergamt Südbayern).

Step 2: 3D seismic investigation
For every project a 3D seismic investigation in the exploration fields is carried out. Here sound waves are sent deep down which are reflected differently by the individual layers of stone. In this way a three-dimensional image of the underground is gained. 

Step 3: Possibility of Success
After a successful seismic investigation, a POS Due Diligence is worked on, the chances and risks of the project are evaluated, and the probability of successful drillings is defined. 
Following this, the ideal drilling locations are investigated, the plots of land are secured and the required certifications, such as noise, soil conservation and species protection certifications are drawn up by the experts connected with our company. 
In the context of this project section, on the basis of the findings of the specialists the main operation plan is then created, as well as the planning of the drilling site.
We place particular emphasis in this project phase on the information and participation of neighbours to the project, the mayor and the community councils, in order to be able to discuss fears and objections to the project at an early stage with all those involved. 

Step 4: Exploratory drilling
The water reserves localised through seismic investigations are made accessible through exploratory drillings. As soon as the water-bearing goal layer is reached, pump tests provide information on the performance of the substance found.

Step 5: Building of the power plant
After successful conclusion of the pump tests, the geothermal power plant can be constructed.