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Electricity generation project 

Why geothermal power in Schnaitsee?

Criteria for the site selection

  • Geology
  • Nature protection concerns 
  • Geographical situation, access 
  • Topography/ground
  • Landscape
  • Availability of land areas
  • Type of geothermal power plant
  • Immission protection 
  • Compensation for intrusion

The geological conditions for geothermal projects can be considered to be particularly favourable in Bavaria. 

The greatest potential for hydrothermal energy extraction is in the area to the south of the Danube, in the Malm Karst of the South German Molasse Basin

Geothermal power as an opportunity for Schnaitsee – advantages for citizens and the community

  • A communal contribution to the energy revolution
  • Promotion of environmental protection
  • Regional value creation
  • Promotion of industrial development 
  • Careful handling of ground and soil 
  • Can bear the base load, through independence from the weather and time of day 
  • Little noise production 
  • Small area used up 
  • Participation of the community in the future profits of the project 
  • Attractive participation opportunities in the successes of the project (citizen participation)
  • More efficient and sustainable renewable energy source 
  • Business tax remains in the community 
  • Creation of jobs 

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy which saves resources.

Involvement of the citizens in the project development

  • Setting up of a citizens’ telephone line for questions and concerns 
  • Close coordination of all project steps with all involved parties 
  • Procurement of second and third opinions on all planning steps 
  • Inviting the citizens to reference models 
  • Harmonious insertion of the plant in the existing surroundings 
  • Noise protection regulations more than fulfilled 

The Schnaitsee location

Schnaitsee as a location is well suited for geothermal use.

Future Water Energy GmbH (FWE) has the permit area which entitles it to use geothermal energy.

For thermal water circulation we would envisage 3 drillings, which ideally from one single drilling site would reach the geothermal drilling goals at a depth of 4-5 km.

Geographical position

Aerial view of the geothermal project Schnaitsee
Aerial view of the geothermal project Schnaitsee © Logo verde

Geothermal plant with drilling site

Geothermal plant Schnaitsee with drilling site
Geothermal plant Schnaitsee with drilling site © Logo verde

Immission protection

  • Foundation:
    Technical Instructions on Noise (TA Lärm) – 1998 
Guidelines for drilling and plant operation 
  • Limit values in the village area:
60 dB (A) during the day / 45 dB (A) during the night; our voluntary commitment: 37dB(A)
  • The plant in Gattenham is well below the guideline values:
during the day by at least 24 dB (A) 

    during the night by at least 9 dB (A)

Overview of the approach

Preliminary study
Expert evaluation of the geoscientific foundations, technical potentials for energy use, rough technical concept of the plant, cost estimation, etc. 

Feasibility study 
Among other things, investigation of the investment costs, cost-effectiveness analysis, risk analysis, drawing up of an ecological summary, project sequence planning, etc. 

Public relations work
Includes: coordination with mayors, community councils and citizens; preliminary soundings of plots of land, etc.

Search for the sponsorship opportunities available, timely application, etc. 

Application for a permit from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology (StMWi), drilling design, carrying out of the piping including tests, decision on whether the area is rich or not, etc.

Site development 
Carrying out of the second drilling including the tests, installation of the overground plants, application for a license from the StMWi, production), etc.


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