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Gars am Inn
Heating project

Why geothermal power in Gars?

Criteria for the site selection 

  • Planning law 
  • Geology
  • Nature protection concerns 
  • Geographical situation, access 
  • Topography/ground
  • Landscape
  • Availability of land areas
  • Type of geothermal power plant
  • Immission protection 
  • Compensation for intrusion

The geological conditions for geothermal projects can be considered to be particularly favourable in Bavaria. 

The greatest potential for hydrothermal energy extraction is in the area to the south of the Danube, in the Malm Karst of the South German Molasse Basin

Geothermal power – advantages

  • Efficient and sustainable renewable energy source 
  • Can bear the base load, through independence from the weather and time of day 
  • Decentralised and local energy generation 
  • Little noise production 
  • Small area used up 
  • Mild on the landscape
  • Contribution to the energy revolution

Geothermal power as an opportunity for Gars

  • A renewable energy form for a sustainable future 
  • A communal contribution to the energy revolution
  • Promotion of environmental protection
  • Reduction of CO2
  • Regional energy supply: construction of a local and remote heat supply network in Gars
  • Regional value creation
  • Financing model with the opportunity for citizen participation 
  • Promotion of industrial development 
  • Business tax remains in the community 
  • Possibility of heat consumption for agricultural uses (e.g. greenhouses)
  • Creation of jobs 
  • Careful handling of ground and soil 

The Gars am Inn location

The area of the market community Gars am Inn is suited for geothermal use.

Future Water Energy GmbH (FWE) has the mining permit area “Gars am Inn” which entitles it to use geothermal energy.

For thermal water circulation two drillings are required, which ideally from one single drilling site would reach the geothermal drilling goals at a depth of 4-5 km. The thermal water which is transported may, depending on the consumer situation and the drilling design, be used for the alternative or joint provision of heat and electricity. 

At the location of Gars am Inn, a geothermal plant for heat generation is planned. 

Geothermal plant for heat production – Functional diagram