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FG Geothermie accelerates financing

Cash flow financing or Venture Capital? In order to answer this question, at the latest during the project evaluation the risks are compared with the cost-effectiveness which is to be expected. After this, the project parameters are described and the necessary costs for the project development are determined. The more information can be prepared concerning the project, the more easily the selection of appropriate means of financing and partners can be made. High-quality project documents accelerate the capital acquisition or make it realisable.

In the case of Public-Private Partnership models (PPP), the cooperation between the community and private capital providers plays a great role, and also influences the form of company and the task assignment within the partnership.

We are your partner, dealing with all financing questions professionally and with appropriate tools. Using the special program “Matobis” we calculate your financing structures and forms, tax effects and project parameters, taking into consideration current tax legislation and sponsorship funds.