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FG Geothermie has its focus on cost-effectiveness

Stimulated by the energy supply law (EEG), geothermal projects across Europe have been advancing. Drilling companies, pump manufacturers and power plant manufacturers have reacted to the growing market and developed new technologies and procedures to use thermal energies.

Unlike plannable technology, geology has a series of constraints which have a decisive impact on the cost-effectiveness of a project. Hence in the development of a geothermal project there is a whole range of technical solutions for transforming the thermal energy into electricity.

For the design of the power plant concept, temperature and filling are always seen as determining factors. Other factors to be considered are pressure drop, heat diversion and combination designs. Not everything which is technically feasible makes economic sense. For this reason, in the framework of the project evaluation we develop overall concepts for the optimisation of energy use and cost-effectiveness. 

We are your partner, dealing with all financing questions professionally and with appropriate tools. Using the special program “Matobis” we calculate your financing structures and forms, tax effects and project parameters, taking into consideration current tax legislation and sponsorship funds.