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FG Geothermie develops heat energy as a “side product”

Geothermal power plants use approx. 40% of the thermal energy which they gain for electricity generation. At the same time, a geothermal power plant offers the economical opportunity to supply neighbours and communities close to the power plant with clean heat energy. 

Here a well-founded conception of local use potentials and the preparation of infrastructure are among the most important tasks, and all participants must be effectively involved in these in order to be able to make full use of the advantages of geothermal power.

There are strong arguments for a well-conceived heating concept. The most significant role is no doubt played by future changes in heating costs. Fossil fuels, which today are subject to enormous price fluctuations, show a clear tendency for the future. Hence the consumer price for heating oil, similar to that of natural gas, almost doubled in the years between 2001 and 2010.

FG Geothermie, with its remote heating concepts, offers solutions which are characterised by reliability and price stability, and are not dependent on speculations on raw materials markets or economic and political crises.